Axial 6 pole hard ferrite ring magnet 30x16x5mm

Product name: 6-pole ferrite ring magnet Magnetizing Direction: AxialThere are also 30x18x5mm and D30xd16x3mm that are close to this specification. Customers from all over the world are welcome to look for samples and prices.
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Product name: 6-pole ferrite ring magnet

Magnetizing Direction: Axial

Material: Sintered Ferrite

Magnet size: outer diameter 30mm, inner diameter 16mm, thickness 5mm

Number of magnetized poles: 6 poles (4 poles can also be magnetized)

Magnetic Field Strength: 1300gs

Application: DVD movement

Place of Origin: Mainland China

There are also 30x18x5mm and D30xd16x3mm that are close to this specification. Customers from all over the world are welcome to look for samples and prices.

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