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Physical Properties of Alnico Magnets

This page provides data on the physical properties of sintered and cast AlNiCo m···

Effect of height dimensions of curved magnets in motors on motors

The height of a motor's magnets has a significant impact on its performance and ···

Influence of Magnetic Strength of Magnets on Motor Performance

The magnetic strength of the magnet can have an effect on the performance of the···

Magnet Products

  • Hard disk drive magnets [ image price sales ]

    The magnets used in hard disk drives are very strong neodymium (rare earth) magnets. Typically a magnet will have a north pole on one face, and a south pole on the other face. Hard drive magnets differ in that they act like two magnets stuck together side by side. On one face there is a north pole on the left and a south pole on the right, on the other face there is a south pole on the left and a north pole on the right....

  • Thicker arc curved ndfeb magnet for sale and customized

    This is a thick arc segmented magnet, the material is rare earth NdFeB, the surface coating is zinc, it is mainly used for permanent magnet DC motor, it is a non-standard custom magnet, the size, temperature resistance, coating, etc. Customized according to your requirements, welcome customers from Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, the United States, Canada and other countries to consult the price,...

  • Custom shaped large diameter ring magnet 6 inch OD

    Magnet Name: Custom shape 6 inches large ring super strong magnet,Application: Industrial, mechanical equipment, test,Large ring can be processed to more than 200 mm, magnetic super strong, operation need to pay special attention to, if you need to get a preferential price, please send us an inquiry, we will provide you with satisfactory product quality....

  • Height 31.3mm ndfeb arc segment magnet radial D7.4 x d5 x 31.6

    Height 31.3mm arc sectioned neodymium magnet introduction; Manufacturer: Courage Magnet。Type of magnet: neodymium arc curved magnets。Magnet size: Curved magnet outer diameter 7.4, inner diameter 5, height 31.6, 90° See the drawing below...

  • Mini Small Cube Strong Neo Magnet 3x3x3mm N52

    This product is a tiny size cubic permanent magnet, the material is rare earth NdFeB, N52 grade (other grades are available), the magnetic strength is higher than 4200 gauss, the length, width and height are 3mm, the surface is nickel-plated with silver-white color, suitable for precision electronic products, meters, instruments。...

  • N52 gold plated strong cube magnets 5x5x5mm

    Gold-plated magnets are very beautiful in appearance and are often used in jewelry, lamps and other industries. The coating is nickel-copper-nickel+gold, which mainly plays a decorative role. We can produce gold-plated neodymium magnets of various shapes according to your requirements, such as round, Square, rectangle, cube, arc, etc....

  • Industrial strong disc magnet 40mm x 20mm form china

    This product is a round magnet with a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 20mm. The material is NdFeB, it belongs to permanent magnet, the surface is nickel-plated (nickel-copper-nickel), we are a magnet factory in China, the price may be more advantageous than what you buy now, welcome to consult....

  • 2x5mm cylindrical neodymium magnets pull force 300g

    This product is a cylindrical neodymium magnet with a diameter of 2mm and a thickness of 5mm, axial magnetization, N52 grade, about 0.12g in weight, and about 300g in holding force. Does it seem a bit inconsistent? Used in models, photo frames, toys, glasses, if you are interested in this small magnet, please send us an inquiry....

  • OD 200mm large ceramic ring magnets 200 x 95 x 22/20/25

    To purchase buy large size ferrite ring magnets, please contact the courage magnet manufacturer in China. We can provide 150/180/190/200/210/220/240/260/300mm and other large size ferrite rings, which are widely used in industries, speakers and other fields. Welcome to inquire about the price....

  • Radial Notched Ferrite Isotropic Magnetic Rings 17.2x6x7mm

    This is a radial magnetized isotropic ferrite ring with grooves on one side of the magnet so that it can be used in a wider range of applications, the actual dimensions of the magnet are 17.2mm OD, 6mm hole, 7mm thickness, we have stock to supply, if you are interested in this product you can send an inquiry to us for price....

  • From China Y30BH Ferrite Block Magnet 40x25x10mm

    This product is a ferrite block magnet with a length of 40mm, a width of 25mm and a thickness of 10mm. It is magnetized in the default thickness direction, the surface is untreated, the vertical pulling force is about 1kg, and the certification is complete. It can be exported to various countries. Website customer service, thank you....

  • Speed measuring magnet radial 24 pole 22.5 x 12 x 6.5mm

    This sample is a speed measurement magnet, an AC geared motor multi-pole ring magnet, made of sintered ferrite, the magnetization method is radial 24 poles, the magnet size is 22.5mm in outer diameter, 12mm in inner diameter, and 6.5mm in thickness. Qi magnet manufacturers provide,...

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