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Are there any ultra thin magnets with strong suction?

Ultra-thin magnets generally refer to magnets with a thickness of less than 1mm.···

What is the tolerance of magnet? Can I customize the tolerance I want?

To see if the quality of a magnet is good, you can tell by the tolerance. Some n···

How strong is the magnetic field of ferrite magnet? How to calculate?

Find Chinese magnet manufacturers to buy neodymium magnets or ferrite magnets, w···

Magnet Products

  • 13.5mm O.D. x 10mm I.D. x 4mm Thick Y10 Isotropic Ferrite Magnets

    This product is a ring ferrite magnet with an outer diameter of 13.5mm, an inner diameter of 10mm, and a thickness of 4mm. The grade is Y10, the surface magnetic field strength is about 650 Gauss, and the magnetism is not very strong....

  • C8 Y30 Grade 50x5x5mm Ferrite Block Bar Magnet

    This product is a ferrite block magnet with a length of 50mm, the N pole is marked, and the surface is gray, Around 1100 Gauss, The specific size is 50mm in length, 5mm in width and 5mm in height. This material is cheap and high temperature resistant, and the size can be processed according to your needs. Magnetization...

  • Tiny radial ferrite cylinder magnet 1.7mm x 3.4mm

    This product is a very small ferrite cylindrical magnet, radially magnetized, with a diameter of only 1.4mm, a thickness of 3.4mm, and a surface magnetic field strength of 300-350 Gauss. Have you ever seen such a small ferrite magnet?...

  • Middle hole is square of round ferrite magnet

    This is a round ferrite magnet with a square sink hole, which is different from most of the sink hole magnets. If you are interested in this type of magnet, you can contact the website customer service....

  • Round Ferrite Magnet for Electronic Firecrackers Dia 8mm x 5mm

    This is a circular ferrite magnet for electronic firecrackers. Performance: Y30BH Chinese standard, C8 American standard, HF28/26 European standard, The size is 8mm in diameter, 5mm in thickness, plus or minus 0.05mm in diameter, strong magnetic surface N pole, with concave mark,...

  • Low Price Ferrite Round Magnet 10mm x 8mm 1450 gauss

    To buy round ferrite magnets, welcome to contact Courage permanent magnet manufacturers in China, our company has many sizes of ceramic round, block, arc, hole ferrite magnets, factory direct sales, low price, welcome Inquiries from customers all over the world....

  • Y30BH 20mm x 20mm Ferrite Round Disc Magnet 1600 gauss

    Introduction of anisotropic diameter 20 thickness 20mm ferrite,Supplier: Courage Magnet,Magnet grade: Y30BH,Magnetization: yes,Coating: No coating required,Packaging: Magnetically isolated packaging,Place of Origin: Mainland China...

  • N52 Gold Plated Small Magnet Ring 5 x 2 x 2 mm

    ​This product is a small rare earth NdFeB magnet ring, with gold plated surface, N52 grade, the magnetization method is axial, the size is 5mm outer diameter, 2mm inner hole, 2mm height, and the tolerance can be ±0.02mm. Welcome to consult us for the price....

  • 72mm C10 Round Ferrite Magnet 72mm O.D x 15mm thick

    This is a large round ferrite magnet with a performance class of C10, normal axial magnetization, the size of the magnet is 72mm (2.83 inches) in outer diameter and 15mm in thickness, with strong magnetic properties, operating temperature -40 to 250 ℃ , The delivery time is 7-20 days, suitable for industry, machinery and equipment....

  • Y30BH Ferrite Ring Magnet 44.8mm(OD) x 27.5mm(ID) x 8mm

    This is a Y30bh ferrite ring magnet with strong magnetism. It is magnetized by thickness. The specific dimensions are 44.8mm outer diameter, 27.5mm inner diameter, 8mm thickness, and high temperature resistance of 250ºC. It can be used for speakers, mechanical equipment, and personal experiments. industry, etc....

  • Y30 C8 Ferrite Disc Magnets 18 x 8 mm 1320 gauss

    This product is a Y30 (C8) grade round ferrite magnet, the N pole has a pit, the surface magnetic field strength is about 1300 Gauss, the specific size is 18mm in diameter, 8mm in thickness, magnetized in the thickness direction, and the tolerance is ±0.1mm....

  • Anti-interference nickel zinc ferrite magnetic core ring 18x10x28mm

    This product is a ferrite with an outer diameter of 18mm, an inner diameter of 10mm and a height of 28mm. The material is nickel-zinc ferrite. Its main function is to suppress the AC220v input interference of the power supply. If you are interested in the product, please contact our company to provide samples and quotations....

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