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Axial Multipole Magnet

Axial single sided multipole magnet ring 8 pole D18x2.3x3.2mm

This is an axial multi-pole ferrite magnet sample, made of injection molded ferrite, 8-pole magnetized, with 4 N poles and 4 S poles. The outer diameter of the magnet is 18mm, the hole in the middle is 2.3mm, and the thickness is 3.2mm. The magnetic strength of the table is about 960 Gauss, and there are many approach size specifications....

Axial 8 pole injection molded ring magnet for sweeping robot

This product is a hall induction injection-molded 8-pole ring ferrite magnet for sweepers. The number of magnetizing poles is mainly 8-pole, 16-pole, 24-pole, and 32-pole in the axial direction. Customers who need this injection-molded magnetic ring can contact the website customer service for consultation. Sample, bulk price....

Axial 6 pole hard ferrite ring magnet 30x16x5mm

Product name: 6-pole ferrite ring magnet Magnetizing Direction: AxialThere are also 30x18x5mm and D30xd16x3mm that are close to this specification. Customers from all over the world are welcome to look for samples and prices....