What's radially magnetized ring magnet?

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Radial magnetizing about magnets, a lot of people don't know because not many of the contact, so the concept of radial magnetization is not strong, the radial direction of magnetization (magnetic) is the circular diameter of magnetization, their strong magnetic surface side in the ring, like a ring magnet, cylindrical magnet, circular magnet, the magnets will have radial tile type magnet magnetized demand, radial magnetic ring today use, material, magnetized diagram to do a detailed introduction.

Regarding the number of poles of the radial ring magnet;

The number of magnetic poles of the radial ring magnet (magnetic ring) is generally multi-pole, such as radial 4-pole, 6-pole, 8-pole, 10-pole, 16-pole...100 poles, or it can be ordinary 2-pole (1 pair pole)

Application of radial magnetic ring;

The use of radial magnetic rings is mainly used in various fields of motors, sensors, Hall induction, magnetic encoders, and automation equipment. For details, please click: Which products are radial multipole ring magnets mainly used in?

What are the radial magnetic ring materials?

The commonly used materials for radial magnetic rings are mainly sintered iron iron boron and permanent magnet ferrite. Most of the multi-pole radial magnetic rings are ferrite materials (sintered and bonded).

Schematic diagram of radial magnetization of ring magnet;

Schematic diagram of radial magnetization of ring magnet

In addition to the above-mentioned common magnetization methods, radial ring magnets can also be radially multi-pole inclined (inclined angle) and so on.

The above is the material, application and common magnetization methods of radial ring magnets introduced by Xiaobian. Our company is a professional manufacturer of motor magnets (in China), and there are many multi-pole magnet molds.

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