NdFeB N35uh parameters and what is the difference with N38UH

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N35UH is a high-performance grade of NdFeB. The price of the blank is more than 400 yuan per kilogram. It is mainly used in servo motors, brushless motors, air compressors, linear motors and other fields. Some netizens have the difference between N35uh parameters and N35uh and N38UH. Pay more attention, let's introduce these two points below.

Magnetic properties, thermal properties and other performance parameters of N35uh;

thermal properties and other performance parameters of N35uh

N35uh specific heat thermal conductivity Curie temperature thermal expansion coefficient;

N35uh thermal performance parameters

What is the difference between N35UH and N38UH?

The most important difference between N35UH and N38UH is the difference in price and magnetic performance, that is, the price of N38UH blank is more expensive, about 20 yuan/kg, and the magnetic performance is also stronger than that of N35UH, that is, the Gauss value of the same specification is higher, and the maximum working the same temperature.

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