Why are some motor rotors is magnets? Some are not?

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Many people have such questions, why some motor rotors are magnets? Some are not? why is that? Today, the manufacturer of courage magnets will give you the answer.

Anything that uses permanent magnets as a stator or rotor is a DC motor. The coil current of the DC motor must be commutated through the commutator to achieve continuous rotation. Brush commutation is widely used due to its simple structure and low technical requirements. It was not until later that brushless DC motors using electronic commutation appeared. Ordinary DC motors can only make magnets into stators to rotate the coils because the coil current needs to be commutated. The brushless DC motor has no mechanical commutator, the coil is made into the stator, and the magnet is made into the rotor. There are exceptions to everything. There is no magnet in the AC motor, and the current in the coil is also naturally commutated, so the coil can be made into both a stator and a rotor. The rotor can be an inner rotor or an outer rotor.

Motor arc segmented ferrite magnets

Motor arc segmented ferrite magnets

The coil is used as the rotor of the asynchronous motor. The rotating magnetic field generated by the stator winding rotates faster than the rotor speed. The rotating magnetic field and the rotor coil have a speed difference. The rotating magnetic field cuts the coil to generate an induced current, so that the rotor coil generates an induced magnetic field.

Generally speaking, brushed motors use coils as rotors, and brushless motors use magnetic steel as rotors.

Common magnet categories for motor rotors;

Neodymium Arc Segment Magnets

Bonded Neodymium Magnets

Motor magnet related problems;

Requirements of brushless motor for magnet

Temperature resistance and surface treatment of brushless DC motor magnets

Glue for electric motor magnets


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