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Trapezoidal Neodymium Magnet

Wind turbine trapezoidal segmented magnets with holes

This product is wind turbine magnet, the material is rare earth neodymium, the shape is trapezoidal, fan-shaped, arc section, the surface is galvanized, there is also a hole processed in the magnet (countersunk screw holes), belongs to the customized shape of the motor class magnets, such as you have specific requirements, such as the size, performance, temperature and other requirements can be contacted to provide you with quotations, prototyping and other services....

8mm thick trapezoidal neo permanent magnet India

This magnet is a trapezoidal neodymium permanent magnet with an upper base of 10mm, a lower base of 20mm, a length of 40mm, and a thickness of 8mm. The surface is coated with nickel and is radially magnetized. It is a custom-made magnet, mainly used for motors. If you need magnets, you can contact our company to provide you with a beautiful price....

Zinc Plated N48H Trapezoidal Shape Neodymium Magnet

This product is a galvanized trapezoidal neodymium magnet, 6.5mm thick, grade N48H, the maximum working temperature is less than 120 ℃, the specific size is 22x41xL28xT6.5mm, mainly used for permanent magnet motors. If you need other sizes or properties, please contact the website online customer service or leave a message....