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2000 gauss magnet

Are neodymium magnets 2000 gauss strong?

Many people will misunderstand that the larger the Gauss value of the magnet, the stronger the magnetic force (suction) of the magnet. In fact, this is wrong. The Gauss of the magnet is related to the material, area, thickness, etc. for example, the same specification of NdFeB strong magnet and ceramic ferrite magnet,...

Is there big difference between 2000 Gauss and 3000 Gauss magnets?

Is 2000 Gauss and 3000 Gauss magnetic much different? The important thing is to see what kind of strong magnet is compared with. The smaller the difference between the two magnets, the smaller the magnetic difference. You can't just look at the Gauss value of one surface of the magnet, remember....

What size is 2000 gauss neodymium magnet?

Whether it is a 1000 gauss, 2000gs or 3000gs magnet, they do not have a fixed size, because the gauss value of the magnet is related to the material, performance level, size, thickness, etc. of the magnet, and there is no such thing as a 2000gs permanent magnet. a standard value....