Types of Speaker Magnets

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The sound of speakers is inseparable from magnets, so the speaker audio industry is also an industry that uses more magnets. Today we will talk to you about the types of speaker magnets and the choice of speaker magnets.

What kinds of horn(speaker) magnets;

The types of magnets used on the horn mainly include aluminum nickel cobalt magnet, neodymium magnet, ceramic ferrite magnet and samarium cobalt magnet, mainly ring.

Which speaker magnet is commonly used in the market?

Mainly ferrite and neodymium magnet. Aluminum nickel cobalt and samarium cobalt are rarely selected by customers, and the cost performance is not high.

Types of Speaker Magnets

Speakers use neodymium magnets;

The magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets are far better than those of alnico and ferrite. NdFeB magnets are the most used magnets in horns, especially high-end horns. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, large power and wide frequency range under the same magnetic flux. At present, hifi earphones basically use this kind of magnet. Its disadvantage is that it contains rare earth elements and the price is higher.

Sound speakers using neodymium magnets can be made smaller.

Speakers use ferrite magnets;

Ferrite is generally made into external magnetic horn. The magnetic performance of ferrite is relatively low. It needs a certain volume to meet the driving force of the horn. Therefore, it is generally used in large acoustic horn. Ferrite has the advantages of low price and high cost performance; The disadvantages are large volume, small power and narrow frequency range.

Speakers use smco magnets;

Alnico is the first magnet used in speakers, such as horn speakers in the 1950s and 1960s (known as tweeters). Generally made into internal magnetic horn (external magnetic can also be used). The disadvantage is that the power is small, the frequency range is narrow, it is hard and brittle, and it is very inconvenient to process. In addition, cobalt is a scarce resource, and the price of AlNiCo is relatively high. From the perspective of cost-effectiveness, the use of AlNiCo for speaker magnets is relatively small.

Points to consider when choosing a speaker magnet

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the ambient temperature in which the speaker works, and determine which magnet should be selected according to the temperature. Different magnets have different temperature resistance characteristics and can support different maximum operating temperatures. When the working environment temperature of the magnet exceeds the maximum working temperature, the phenomenon of magnetic performance attenuation and demagnetization may occur, which will directly affect the sound effect of the speaker.

Secondly, the horn magnet should be selected comprehensively considering the magnetic flux requirement and the volume of the magnet. Some people ask whether the louder the speaker magnet, the better the sound? In fact, it is not the case that the loudspeaker is not the bigger the magnet, the better. From the influence of the magnet performance on the sound output quality of the speaker, we can find that the magnetic flux of the magnet has a great influence on the sound quality of the speaker. In the case of the same volume, the performance of the magnet is: NdFeB>AlNiCo>Ferrite; under the same magnetic flux Under the requirements of NdFeB magnets, the volume required is the smallest, and the ferrite is the largest. For the same magnetic material (same material and same performance), the larger the diameter, the greater the magnetic induction intensity, the greater the power of the speaker, the higher the sensitivity of the speaker, and the better the transient response. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the limitation of the volume of the horn on the volume of the magnet and the requirements for the magnetic flux performance of the magnet to determine which magnetic material to choose.

The above is a little introduction about the types of speaker magnets and how to choose them. If you have a speaker ring magents to buy, you can contact us.


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