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Radial 4 pole magnet

Radial 4 pole ring magnet for water pump motor OD 9mm

This product is a radial 4-pole ferrite ring magnet with a magnetic field strength of about 1300 Gauss. It is mainly used in water pump motors. Magnets are mainly used to adjust the speed of the pump....

Introduction of Radial 4 Pole Ferrite Magnet Rotors

4-pole ferrite rotor, that is, there are 2 N poles and 2 S poles on the ferrite ring magnet. The hole in the middle of the magnet is used to install the shaft, mainly for radial magnetization. The 4-pole ferrite magnet is introduced below. The magnetization method of the rotor and the magnetization diagram, application, and some of our company's size specifications....

Radial 4-pole injection molded neodymium magnet rotor

This is a 4-pole rotor magnet. The material is injection-molded NdFeB, and the magnetization direction is radial. It was photographed by Courage Xiaofu. From the appearance, you can see the difference from injection-molded ferrite. The surface is shiny. Luminous NdFeB magnetic powder,...