Fascia Gun Ring Bonding Material Magnet 10 Poles [ price supplier ]

Common specifications of multi-pole ring magnet for fascia gun;​D46*d41.4*10-15mm、D52.5*47*13mm、D36*32*15mm, If you need a sample or know the price, please consult the Courage Motor Magnet manufacturer.
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To buy fascia gun magnets, to find samples of fascia gun ring magnets, welcome to contact the Courage magnet manufacturer in China. Our company supplies fascia gun multi-pole magnetic rings with various specifications, the material is bonded neodymium magnets, and the inner diameter is magnetized with 10 poles. Welcome inquiry.

Common specifications of multi-pole ring magnet for fascia gun;




Real shot sample picture of fascia gun multi-pole neodymium iron boron magnet

Multi-pole ring magnet for fascia gun

More multi-pole magnets of the same material: https://www.dgcourage.com/zhuanti/bonded-neodymium-magnets/


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Axial 8 pole 24 pole 32 pole floor sweeper injection ring magnets

Looking for the magnetic ring of intelligent sweeping robot and the ring magnet of the left and right wheels of sweeping machine, welcome to contact the carrich magnet manufacturer in China. Our company has many applications in the specifications of encoder, magnetic induction motor and ring magnet. Welcome to inquire and tell you the relevant information of magnet specifications and materials....

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Single sided 128 poles and 126 poles magnetic encoder ring magnet

The product you see now is a thin flat ring magnet with more than 100 poles, 128 poles in the outer ring (64 N poles, 64 S poles), 126 poles in the inner ring, belongs to the double code channel multi-pole magnetic ring, the material is rubber magnet, so the magnetism is not strong, the surface magnetic strength is only a few hundred gauss....

Y30 Ferrite multipole radial magnetized ring spot 28.4 x 17.5 x 4 mm

This is the courage magnet manufacturer to provide you with a anisotropy multi-pole ferrite ring magnet, through the side (radial) 12 pole magnetization, the surface magnetic is about 1050 gauss, its size is 28.4mm outer diameter, 17.5mm inner hole, thickness of 4mm...

4 pole ring ferrite magnet 980 gauss OD 20mm x 10mm x 3mm

This product is a ring-shaped ferrite magnet with an outer diameter of 20mm, an inner diameter of 10mm, and a thickness of 3mm. There is no coating on the outside. The magnetizing method is axial/planar 4 poles and the surface magnetic field strength is about 980gs. If you are interested in this magnet, please contact We provide you with samples, and other specifications are needed. We can also provide you with more magnetic poles....

Radial internally magnetized 12 pole motor neodymium magnetic ring

The magnet is a multipolar Ndfeb magnetic ring, the material is bonded neodymium magnets, there are 12 magnetic poles, using the radial inner diameter magnetization, the use of surface for the inner side, the outer diameter of the ring magnet is 28mm, the inner diameter of 24mm, the height of 10mm, the surface black electrophoresis, the measured surface magnetic field intensity of about 2680 Gauss...

10 pole bonded neodymium ring for motors USA 45.9x41.4x13mm

This is a medium-sized ring neodymium magnet. The specific material is bonded neodymium iron boron. It is a magnet that needs to be pressed by mold. The size of the magnetic ring is 45.9mm in outer diameter, 41.4mm in inner diameter, and 13mm in height. radial inner diameter magnetization 10 poles, The surface is black epoxy coating. It is mainly used for various permanent magnet DC motors. Brushless motors。...

Double sided axial 2 pole oil level indicator magnets

This product is an axial double-sided 2-pole magnetized magnet, the material is ferrite, the surface magnetism is about 1350 Gauss, and the inner hole is square. It is mainly used for sensors, oil level indicators, motors, etc. If you are interested in this product If you are interested, you can contact us to provide you with samples, prices and customized services....