Injection molded ferrite magnet with counterbore 8.5x2x4mm

This product is an injection molded ferrite magnet with 6 poles in the radial direction. Outer diameter 8.5mm, inner hole 2mm, height 4mm, The hole type is counterbore. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.
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This product is an injection molded ferrite magnet with 6 poles in the radial direction. Outer diameter 8.5mm, inner hole 2mm, height 4mm, The hole type is counterbore. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.

Injection Magnet One of our main magnet products, it can be made of ferrite magnetic powder (or neodymium iron boron magnetic powder) and plastic and other materials by injection molding process, with high dimensional accuracy. It is a functional magnet with complex shape, multi-pole magnetization, good toughness, and can be embedded in metal and plastic parts. The magnetism is equivalent to that of heterogeneous ferrite, but there are many characteristics that are superior to ferrite in practical applications, so it is widely used.

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Black Coated Bonded Neodymium Ring 8 poles 35 x 29 x 45 MM

Introduction of bonded neodymium magnets with an outer diameter of 35mm, an inner diameter of 29mm and a height of 45mm; Brand: Courage Magnet,Magnetization method: radial 8-pole magnetization,Magnet Material: Bonded NdFeB,Surface magnetic strength: above 2000 Gauss,Plating: Black Epoxy,Can be customized: It can be customized on demand, including magnetic force, size, waveform....

Gas pipe magnets ceramic ring 19.4 x 12.5 x 12.4mm

This product is a gas pipe magnet, made of ferrite, radial four-pole magnetization, product specifications are d9.7*4.7*12.4mm, d19.4*12.5*12.4, matching, customers who need samples send us an inquiry ....

Radial 14 pole ring ferrite rotor with 2mm inner hole 650 gauss

This product is a radial 14-pole ring magnet, made of sintered ferrite, with an inner diameter of 2mm and a gauss of about 650. It is suitable for Hall induction magnetic encoder motors. If you are interested in this magnet, you can contact our company, similar to There are many close size specifications, waiting for your consultation....

Multipolar ceramic ferrite ring 15 x 8 x 5 mm 12 pole

This is a multi-pole ceramic ferrite magnetic ring, by China courage magnet manufacturer Courage Xiafu photo upload, magnetic ring outer diameter 15mm, inner hole 8mm, thickness 5mm, radial magnetization, magnetizing pole number of 12, that is, 6 N pole, 6 S pole, table magnetic strength in more than 900 Gauss...

Sintered multipolar ferrite radial rotor magnet ring 4 pole 8 pole

To purchase buy the multi-pole sintered ferrite rotor ring for permanent magnet DC motor, please contact the Chinese motor magnet manufacturer Courage. We have a lot of 2 pole, 4 pole, 6 pole, 8 pole, 10 pole, 12 pole, 16 pole ring magnet specifications, internal charge, external charge, magnetic strength range of 450-1700 Gauss...

8 pole plastic inner rotor magnet with shaft OD 50 - 68 mm

Injection ferrite magnet manufacturer Courage long-term supply of various specifications of motor injection magnetic rotor (with/without shaft), injection ferrite/NdFeb rotor, brushless DC motor rotor magnetic steel, to purchase samples, custom mold open welcome to consult!...

Larger size multi pole ceramic magnetic ring D70 x 52 x 28 mm

This is a large-sized multi-pole ring magnet, which was originally shot by Chinese magnet supplier Courage Xiaofu. If you see it in other websites, it is completely copied from us. The size of this magnet is 70.2mm in outer diameter, 51.83mm in inner diameter, and 28mm in thickness (height). The largest magnetic surface is on the outer side of the ring...

China high performance sintered ferrite 8 poles ring 1700 gauss

This sample is provided by China Courage magnet manufacturer. The magnet material is sintered ferrite ring, the size is 71.5mm in outer diameter, 52.9mm in inner diameter, and 28mm in height. It adopts radial 8-pole magnetization, and the surface magnetic field strength is about 1700 Gauss...