Special injection NdFeB(neodymium) magnet for car parts

This product is a magnet for auto parts. The material is injection-molded NdFeB magnets. The surface magnetic field strength is around 1300gs. At present, there are relatively few customers using injection-molded NdFeB magnets in the market. Most of them are injection-molded ferrite magnets.
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This product is a magnet for auto parts. The material is an injection-molded NdFeB magnet. The surface magnetic field strength is about 1300gs, and the surface is generally not plated. At present, there are relatively few customers using injection-molded NdFeB magnets in the market. Injection moulded ferrite magnets.

Product features of injection-molded NdFeB magnets;

Adding rare earth components, the magnetic force is higher than that of injection-molded ferrite magnets, one mold has multiple pieces, the density is uniform, and the magnetic field is consistent. , has better corrosion resistance.

Magnetic properties of injection molded NdFeB magnets

Magnetic properties of injection molded NdFeB

Our company is a supplier of motor magnets in China. We have been focusing on motor multi-pole ring magnets and motor arc magnets for many years. We have many molds and have rich experience. Welcome to consult the price and samples of injection-molded magnets.

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