Zinc Plated N48H Trapezoidal Shape Neodymium Magnet

This product is a galvanized trapezoidal neodymium magnet, 6.5mm thick, grade N48H, the maximum working temperature is less than 120 ℃, the specific size is 22x41xL28xT6.5mm, mainly used for permanent magnet motors. If you need other sizes or properties, please contact the website online customer service or leave a message.
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Product Name: Galvanized Trapezoid Neodymium Magnet

Material: NdFeB

Grade: N48H

Specifications: 22x41xL28xT6.5mm

Tolerance range: ±0.1mm

Working temperature: <120℃

Magnetic Field Strength: Above 3300 Gauss

Application: permanent magnet motor

Friendly reminder: Strong magnets are fragile, handle with care!

PS: If you need other sizes or properties, please contact the website online customer service or leave a message.

N48H Trapezoidal Magnet Sample Pictures;


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