How to custom arc magnets? What should we pay attention to?

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Arc magnets, also known as curved segmented magnets, are part of ring magnets. At present, there are two main types of arc magnets on the market, namely neodymium arc magnets and ceramic arc magnets. A small number of customers use samarium cobalt arc magnets. Magnets, rarely in stock, are custom products.

How to customize arc magnets?

For custom arc magnets, it is best to provide detailed 2D or 3D drawings, and indicate the size data, material, tolerance, performance level, magnetization method, working temperature, whether to pair magnetization, etc. of the arc magnet.

Curved Neodymium Magnet

What do I need to pay attention to when custom arc magnets?

First of all, we need to find out the production experience of magnet manufacturers, because manufacturers with rich production experience will have experience in how to customize and what details should be paid attention to. Second, manufacturers with certain strength will pay more attention to the accuracy of their products, because accuracy is very important to customers. If the accuracy is not suitable, it is easy to fail to install.

Third, we have to look at the successful cases of manufacturers. The more successful cases, the more favorable it is for customization.

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Width thickness 10mm neodymium block magnet 30 x 10 x 10 mm

This is a length of 30mm, width and thickness of 10mm NdFeb block magnet, the surface is plated nickel copper nickel treatment, thickness direction magnetization, according to the different use of customers, some customers may need length or width magnetization, this is no problem, we can according to the direction of magnetization you need, you do not know our customer service will communicate with you to confirm....

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Square strong magnet with hole in the middle 15/20 mm

This is a square neodymium magnet with holes, the material is sintered NdFeb, n52 grade, magnetized in the direction of thickness, the hole diameter in the middle is relatively large, produced by China's neodymium magnet manufacturer courage magnet, suitable for machinery manufacturing, hardware parts, such as you need similar square with large hole neodymium iron boron magnet can contact us for your quotation....

40mm rectangular magnet with holes 40x20x3mm M5 screw hole

Product Name: Rectangular magnet with countersunk hole, Size: Length 40mm, width 20mm, thickness 3mm,Magnet material: sintered NdFeb,Performance level: N38,Coating type: nickel copper nickel,Applications: Mechanical equipment, magnetic locks, industrial, outdoor....

40mm neodymium round countersunk magnet 40 x 5mm M6 hole

This is a circular magnet with countersunk hole with 40mm outer diameter, 5mm thickness and 6mm (M6) hole provided by the magnet manufacturer Courage Magnet. The countersunk neodymium magnet of this specification has a strong tensile force and is separated by a gasket for easy access. It is mainly used in industrial applications. The quality is stable, Dimensional tolerance standard....

Round magnet with countersunk hole 20mm x 5mm

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Galvanizing 3x1mm n52 small disc neo strong magnets

Note: We are a magnet manufacturer from China. The source manufacturer generally does not mark the price of the magnet, because the magnet is a functional product, which can be customized according to different types of industry customers to effectively meet the actual needs of customers....

3x6mm diametric magnet [ Selling price gauss ]

because our company is a direct selling manufacturer, non-traders, so the price is not fixed, the price depends on your purchase quantity, tolerance, performance grade, Temperature resistant, so you need to send the inquiry after we give you a quote....