1mm size strong neodymium magnet D1x1mm N52 grade

This is a small strong neodymium magnet with a diameter of 1mm and a thickness of 1mm. It is N52 grade, provided by the Karich magnet manufacturer in China. Welcome to inquire.
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This product is a round rare earth neodymium magnet with a diameter of 1mm and a thickness of 1mm. belong tiny magnet, vertical pull about 0.025kg, It is a small neodymium magnet. It is produced by a Courage magnet manufacturer in China. The magnet performance, coating and temperature resistance can be selected according to customer requirements. The tolerance can be controlled within ±0.05 , mainly used in precision electronics, instruments, instruments and other fields, welcome your purchase, consultation price, customization.

Note: magnets are not iron and soy sauce is not oil. The characteristics of strong magnetic magnets are hard and brittle, especially long strips and sheets are fragile; when the magnets are separated from the magnets, they should slowly slide away. It may also be damaged by collision (knock off corners or break)

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The relevant thickness of 1mm magnet is recommended;

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Galvanizing 3x1mm n52 small disc neo strong magnets

Note: We are a magnet manufacturer from China. The source manufacturer generally does not mark the price of the magnet, because the magnet is a functional product, which can be customized according to different types of industry customers to effectively meet the actual needs of customers....

N52 Small Bar Magnets For Sale F6x5x1.5mm

This is a N52 powerful small magnet, belonging to the N52 powerful neodymium magnet series. The size is 6mm in length, 5mm in width and 1.5mm in thickness. The dimensional tolerance is accurate, controlled within ±0.05mm. So the price is not marked. If you need to know the price, please send us an inquiry, thank you!...

Ultra-thin small round neodymium magnet sheet 5mm x 0.4mm

This is a small thin circular magnet with a diameter of 5mm and a thickness of 0.4mm. It is made of NdFeb and belongs to the high intensity magnetic series. The tolerance can be ±0.05 or more precise....

Small flat rectangle rare earth magnets 8x5x1.5mm

This is a small rectangular neodymium rare earth magnet produced by neodymium magnet manufacturer courage, the size length of the magnet is 8mm, the width is 5mm, the thickness is 1.5mm, N38 grade, the thickness direction is magnetized (other direction is optional), the surface is nickel plated, can be customized other sizes....

Small rectangular magnets N52 L4 x 2 x 2 mm

Product Name: Powerful small rectangular magnet。Material: sintered NdFeb。Size: Length 4mm, width 2mm, thickness 2mm。Type of magnet: Strong magnet, rare earth magnet, permanent magnet。Performance level: N52。Relevant sizes: 5x2x2mm, 6x2x2mm, 7x2x2mm, 10x2x2mm...

Square strong small magnet with hole [sales quotation supplier]

If you want to buy small magnets with holes, you are welcome to inquire about the price. Our company is a magnet manufacturer from China, which can provide you with various small square magnets with holes, small rectangular magnets with holes, arc mini magnets with holes, and special shaped magnets with holes....

2x3mm rare earth neodymium magnets [picture price supplier]

This is a relatively small size cylindrical NdFeB magnet, 2mm in diameter, 3mm in thickness, magnetized in the thickness direction, the surface is conventionally plated with nickel, the magnetic properties can be selected from N35-N52 grades, according to your requirements, for this type of magnet Our high-performance small magnets have a relatively large advantage....

Small thin flat rare earth strong magnet disc 1mm x 0.5mm

Did you see that? Our magnet products are not marked with price? Why is that? The main reason is that we are a magnet manufacturer, not a trader. The performance level, coating and tolerance of the magnet can be customized, which has great selectivity....