100mm high quality disc/disk ndfeb magnet N52 100 x 10 mm

Product Name: High quality round disc neodymium magnet with diameter of 100mm, Grade: N52, Tolerance: plus or minus 0.1mm, ​Direction of magnetization: thickness 10 mm, Application: Industry, Magnetic field strength: Higher than 4500 Gauss, pulling force: about 60kg
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Product Name: High quality round disc neodymium magnet with diameter of 100mm

Specification: Diameter 100mm, thickness 10mm

Grade: N52

Tolerance: plus or minus 0.1mm

Direction of magnetization: thickness 10 mm

Surface coating: nickel copper nickel, choose zinc more

Application: Industry

Magnetic field strength: Higher than 4500 Gauss

pulling force: about 60kg

Origin: Mainland China

Supplier: Courage Magnet

Price: Make inquiries

Precautions: Be careful of fragile, careful of splint, dry and store at room temperature

Physical sample of neodymium round super-strong magnet 100x10mm

Physical sample of neodymium round super-strong magnet 100x10mm

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