Several Magnetizing Modes of Neodymium Block Magnet

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Regarding neodymium iron boron powerful square (block) magnets, there are not many introductions on the Internet. Today, the magnet manufacturer Carrick Xiaofu introduced the direction of the square magnet and its production cycle in detail.

Let me talk about the delivery time of NdFeB square magnets: The delivery time of square magnets is related to the order quantity and processing difficulty. Generally, it takes about 7-10 days. This delivery time is related to the order and production volume of the magnet manufacturer. Confirm the magnet After the unit price, the delivery date has to be further negotiated. Don't be unhappy with the delivery date!

NdFeB square magnets are different from NdFeB disc magnets. Disc magnets are magnetized axially and radially. If you don't understand, you can read this article "Axial and radial magnetization of magnets. Introduction to Magnetization. The neodymium iron boron square magnet has thickness magnetization and side magnetization.

The figure below is a schematic diagram of the magnetizing direction of a square neodymium iron boron magnet

magnetizing direction of block magnet

Many people don't know how to magnetize a square magnet, and they don’t know how to express it, so customers often make mistakes. For example, a square magnet is 15mm long, 4mm wide, and 3mm thick. It is expressed as F3*15*4, and 4 is the magnetizing direction. For example, a square magnet with a width of 9mm, a height of 7mm, and a length of 25mm needs to use the magnetic force of the 2 ends of the magnet. It is expressed as F7*9*25, which is the magnetization method of the third picture. It is really unclear. Welcome to point it out in the above picture. Send us the magnetizing method you need.

Several types of square neodymium magnets;

Rectangular neodymium magnet with 2 counterbore

Block neodymium counter bore magnet from china

Super strong thin magnets 9.5x3x0.5mm


Anisotropic disc ferrite magnets with dia 9mm thick 3mm

This product is round ferrite magnet with a diameter of 9mm and a thickness of 3mm, the performance class is Y30, magnetized in the thickness direction, without electroplating protective layer, the magnetic force is usually 700-1000gs, the working temperature is -40°C to +250°C, Suitable for sensors, suction parts, electrical appliances, Hall induction....

Rectangular Ferrite Magnet with Concave Dots 46x21x10mm

The sample shows a length of 46mm, width 21mm, thickness 10mm rectangular (bar) ferrite magnet, each anisotropic Y30 grade, there is a small pit on the surface of the magnet, in the fixed installation of the inside of the glue can be added,...

Neodymium magnet block with two screw holes 20 x 10 x 5mm

This sample is a rectangular block magnet with 2 holes (screw holes), which is provided by the Karich magnet manufacturer in China. The material is rare earth NdFeB, the size is 20mm in length, 10mm in width, 5mm in thickness, and the surface of the magnet is nickel-plated. Thickness direction magnetization, suitable for industry, home, DIY, assembly, etc. Welcome to inquiry....

Coated gold oval runway shaped neodymium magnet 25 x 5 x 2.5 mm

Magnet name: Rectangular rounded magnet, Oval Power Magnets Manufacturer: Courage Magnets in China,Size: Length 25mm, Width 5mm, Thickness 2.5mm,If you have a similar runway magnet, runway ring magnet, please contact our company to quote for you....

Special Customized Rectangular Block Magnets with Oval Holes

This is a customized rectangle magnet with hole, its hole is not round, but oval, the position of the hole is not in the middle, left or right, is processed according to the customer's special needs, the magnetic properties of the N52 grade, with a high magnetic field strength,...

Diameter 30mm ferrite magnet disc 30mm x 3mm Y30

This product is a round magnet with a diameter of 30mm, Supplied by Courage Magnet Manufacturers in China, which is larger than a one-yuan coin. The specific size is 30mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness. , machine models, pasted on the back of cards for teaching purposes, or to make various refrigerator magnets, etc....

N52 Grade Irregular Magnetic Connector Convex Trapezoid Magnet

Today's product is used in magnetic connectors. The shape is a bit like a T shape, with beveled corners. The surface coating is nickel copper nickel. The magnet grade is N52. If you are interested in the product, you can contact the Courage magnet manufacturer to process it for you....

Small bar rare earth neodymium magnet 1.65x1.65x12mm

This is a small bar (rod) neodymium magnet, the size is 12mm in length, 1.65mm in width and thickness, the length direction is magnetized, the strong magnetic surface is 1.65x1.65, the surface is treated with nickel copper nickel, the surface magnetic field intensity is about 2210 gauss, suitable for all kinds of electronic parts,...