Introduction of Radial 4 Pole Ferrite Magnet Rotors

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The 4-pole ferrite rotor, that is, there are 2 N poles and 2 S poles on the ferrite ring magnet. The hole in the middle of the magnet is used to install the shaft, mainly for radial magnetization. The 4-pole ferrite magnet is introduced below. The magnetization method of the rotor and the magnetization diagram, application, and some of our company's size specifications.

How to magnetize a 4 pole ferrite rotor ring? 

How to magnetize a 4 pole ferrite ring

First, a ring-shaped ferrite is produced, and then the ferrite is placed in the electromagnet environment as shown in the figure, energized to generate a magnetic field, and a magnetic circuit is formed as required. Finally, the ferrite is magnetized into a quadrupole magnetic ring. 6-pole, 12-pole and other magnetic rings, the principle is the same, but the number of magnetized poles changes.

Schematic diagram of 4-pole ferrite magnet rotor magnetization

Schematic diagram of 4-pole ferrite magnet rotor magnetization

Introduction of radial 4-pole ferrite magnet rotor:

Surface magnetic performance: as required, usually around 1000-1600 gauss

Applications: automotive sensors, micro motors, water pump motors, Hall magnetic induction, induction motors, etc.

Specifications: According to customer requirements or provide our existing mold specifications

Material: Y30, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Surface treatment: double-sided grinding machine processing, and internal and external cylindrical grinding.

Processing method: drawings and samples are available, the processing speed is fast, and the product quality is high.

Some 4-pole ferrite rotor magnet size;

Radial 4-pole ring magnet: D15xd8x3.5mm

Radial 4-pole water pump rotor ring magnet: D16xd5x28mm

Radial 4-pole magnetized steel: D21xd7x6mm

Radial 4-pole small magnetic ring: D7x3x4mm

Radial 4-pole magnetic ring: D10*d4.5*10

Radial outer filled 4-pole ring: D40*d17.8*50

Radial quadrupole outer magnet: D21*d11*16

Radial 4-pole rotor magnet: D47.2*d23.2*45

Radial 4-pole motor magnetic ring: D19.5*d7*20

The above specifications are for reference only, if you do not have the specifications you want, please contact customer service for consultation and accept customization.

At present, our company has a large number of ferrite multi-pole magnetic rings, bonded neodymium magnet molds, and can also be opened for mold production. The products are widely used in sensors, washing machine dishwasher drainage pumps, spray pumps, aquarium equipment submersible pumps, Foot bath circulating pump, stepper motor, brushless DC motor, electronic instrument, etc., optical optoelectronic industry, welcome to consult.

Associated 4-pole sintered ferrite rotor;

4 Pole Water Meter Water Flow Meter Ring Ferrite Magnet

4 pole ring ferrite magnet 20mm x 10mm x 3mm

4 pole (2n2s) ring sintered ferrite magnet 25x12.5x3MM


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