What Is the Difference Between N50 And N52 Magnets?

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Both n50 and n52 are NdFeB performance grades, which are high-performance grades and are mainly used for some products that require high magnetic force. Many customers do not know how to choose these two grades, and are curious about their differences. Today China Magnet supplier Courage Xiaofu will introduce to you.

Main difference between N50 and N52 is the remanence

The N50 remanence range is 1.40T-1.45T, and the N52 remanence range is 1.43T-1.48T

Difference between N50 and N52 remanence

What's the meaning?

That is, for the same size of NdFeB, the larger the remanence value, the stronger the magnetism and the higher the price response.

It can be seen that the magnetism of N52 is slightly stronger, and the surface magnetism will be several tens of Gauss higher.

Choose n50 or n52 Grade Magnet?

Depending on your product application, if the test requires N52 to meet, then choose N52 grade. Generally speaking, N50 can meet the needs of most customers, N52 grade is not too strong, including magnetic force, Gauss value, it is more economical to choose N50.

We provide high-performance N50/N52 grade NdFeB magnets, which can be customized for ordinary or special irregular shapes.

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