What does Y35 stand for? Grade y35 magnet related introduce summary

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What does Y35 stand for? What is a Y35 ferrite magnet? Today, the permanent magnet manufacturer Courage will introduce it to you. By the way, I will talk about some issues that everyone often pays attention to about the Ferrite Y35 grade.

What does Y35 stand for? What is a Y35 magnet?

Y35 is one of the many performance grades of ferrite, just like N35 of sintered NdFeB. When it comes to N35, you know it is NdFeB, and Y35 also means this, but it represents the ferrite material, not It is well known that Y35 is a high performance permanent magnet ferrite magnet.

Performance parameters of Y35 ceramic ferrite;

Performance parameters of Y35 ceramic ferrite

How is the magnetic force of Y35 magnet?

Y35 is a high-grade ferrite magnet, just like N48 and N50 in NdFeB strong magnets, its performance is relatively high, so it is used by relatively few customers, mainly for automotive motors [Y35 has a stronger magnetic force than Y30 】

Is ferrite Y35 much more expensive than Y30?

It will be higher. The specific price is related to the size, quantity and processing difficulty of the magnet. If you need a quotation, please contact us for processing samples.

What shapes can Y35 grade ferrites do?

It can be made into circle, cylinder, square, ring, tile and irregular shape, all with holes.

Y35 Anisotropic Ferrite Grade Demagnetization Curve


The above is about Y35 grade ferrite detailed introduction, if you need to buy Y35 magnet, welcome to contact us!

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