How can ferrite motors be designed to be more cost-effective?

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The key technology of ferrite motor design Compared with rare earth permanent magnet motors, ferrite permanent magnet motors have the advantages of high resistance to demagnetization (high temperature) and low cost, but the small residual magnetic density makes the air gap magnetic density of the motor low. Then there are problems such as insufficient permanent magnet torque. Therefore, how to solve the low torque density and save a lot of cost has become a key problem that must be faced.

There are two routes to solve the above problem. One is to obtain a larger air gap magnetic density by means of built-in permanent magnets or tangential magnetic flux. Because the magnetic flux of each pole of the motor is provided by two adjacent permanent magnets in parallel under this rotor magnetic circuit structure, the magnetic flux of each pole of the motor will increase. It makes up for the shortcoming of small remanence density of ferrite material, and belongs to IPM motor in motor classification.

Another route is to use the IPM rotor structure to increase the salient pole ratio of the motor, thereby increasing the reluctance torque of the motor, and using the reluctance torque of the motor to make up for the lack of the permanent magnet torque of the motor. In the classification of the motor, it belongs to the permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor. Below we list a few classic cases to talk about how ferrite motors can use these methods to improve performance.

This is a multi-layer U-shaped rotor structure, which can not only effectively improve the reluctance torque of the ferrite motor, but also add ferrite permanent magnets in the magnetic barrier gap of the rotor to form a permanent magnet auxiliary reluctance ferrite. body motor to further improve the output power and power density of the motor. At the same time, the system adopts a liquid cooling system and implements a spiral cavity aluminum casing, which can further improve the power density at the system level. In addition, at a higher level, the case uses ferrite motors in the form of rotor stacks, and a reasonable multi-layer arrangement increases torque and power density while better protecting them from faults such as high loads and three-phase short circuits. Effects of sudden demagnetization. And this case also uses a permanent magnet of the same size, which can further reduce the cost of ferrite.

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