N52 4mm magnetic ball(sales price gauss)

This is a N52 grade neodymium magnetic ball with a diameter of 4mm, the surface is nickel-plated, and the surface magnetism is 3500 gauss. Avoid impact when using it, otherwise it will collapse and cause damage to the product.
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N52 D4mm neodymium magnetic ball product specification;

Appearance: as shown

Material: N52

Remanence Br: 1.45T 14.5KGs

Coercivity Hcb: 988.3 kA/m 12.42kOe

Intrinsic coercivity Hcj: 996.6 kA/m 12.52kOe

Maximum magnetic energy product (BH) max: 50.31MGOe

Size: 4mm in diameter

Plating: Nickel Copper Nickel

Magnetization direction: Thickness magnetization

Surface Magnetic Field: 3500GS

Pulling force: 0.1kg

Working temperature: maximum working temperature 80℃

Single weight: 0.2g

4mm magnetic ball real shot pictures;


Note: Neodymium strong magnet products are brittle, so avoid impact when using, otherwise it will collapse and cause damage to the product.


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