0.5mm thick strong magnet disc D20 x 0.5 [sales strength image]

D20X0.5MM thin neodymium magnet parameters;Material: rare earth NdFeB,Grade: N35,Tolerance: ±0.05,Note: The 0.5mm thick magnet is relatively thin and easy to break. Be careful when using it, do not attract the two magnets to each other.
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D20X0.5MM thin neodymium magnet parameters;

Material: rare earth NdFeB

Grade: N35

Tolerance: ±0.05

Magnet Type: Thin Strong Magnet

Plating: Nickel Copper Nickel 3 Layers

Working temperature: ≤80℃

Brand: Carridge Magnet

Delivery time: 10-25 days

Center surface magnetism: 250gs

Uses: craft, packaging, home diy

Surface magnetic measurement

Surface magnetic measurement

Note: The 0.5mm thick magnet is relatively thin and easy to break. Be careful when using it, do not attract the two magnets to each other.

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