Perforated counterbore arc neodymium magnet

The price of the perforated countersunk arc magnet is evaluated according to your specifications, material, performance grade, coating, quantity, etc. Welcome to send us your arc magnet drawings.
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Arc magnets are also a relatively common type of magnets. They are mainly used in motors and usually need to be resistant to high temperatures. Depending on the type of the customer's motor, the material of the magnet is also different. The main ones are neodymium iron boron arc magnets and ferrite arcs. Magnets are mainly used. Some customers also require arc magnets to be punched. This is also possible. Magnetic tile punching requires certain technology and equipment, otherwise it is easy to break. If you need to purchase perforated arc magnets, Please contact the Courage magnet manufacturer. We are from China. We have great advantages in motor magnets, especially in terms of high performance. Welcome to send us inquiries.

Perforated countersunk arc neodymium magnet price;

The price of the perforated countersunk arc magnet is evaluated according to your specifications, material, performance grade, coating, quantity, etc. Welcome to send us your arc magnet drawings.

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N52 arc magnets [price proofing customization]

This product is DC motor arc shaped strong magnet, performance grade is n52, surface coating is Nickel copper nickel, The magnetic charging method is radial pairing, You can also choose other coatings, if you don't need such high-performance, we can also according to your requirements for proofing, customization, welcome to provide drawing consultation price....

Hard disk drive magnets [ image price sales ]

The magnets used in hard disk drives are very strong neodymium (rare earth) magnets. Typically a magnet will have a north pole on one face, and a south pole on the other face. Hard drive magnets differ in that they act like two magnets stuck together side by side. On one face there is a north pole on the left and a south pole on the right, on the other face there is a south pole on the left and a north pole on the right....

Y35 grade arc magnets【sales price supply】

​This is an arc-shaped ceramic ferrite magnet, Y35 grade, radial magnetization, mainly used in some automotive motors, the operating temperature is between -40C and 250C, customers who have purchased high-performance arc-shaped ferrite magnets are welcome Contact our company (focusing on motor magnets), there are many molds and high cost performance....

Neodymium Electric Segmented Arc Magnet No Mold Required

This product is a rare earth neodymium arc segmented magnet, mainly used for motors, the size is not fixed, it is a customized product, welcome customers from the United States, Italy, India, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Canada, South Korea, the Netherlands and other places to come to the drawing consultation ....

Rare earth neodymium arc segmented magnet

This product is a rare earth neodymium arc segmented magnet, which belongs to a customized magnet. It is provided by Dongguan courage magnet manufacturer. Arc neodymium usually needs to withstand high temperature above 100 ℃, so it mostly adopts grade H and above. The coating is generally zinc or nickel and black epoxy....

2022 New fan motor rotor magnet 14 pole 110-160mm

This is a new scheme that can replace the multiple pcs arc magnets of the fan motor. It consists of ferrite magnet (above Y30)+plastic coating process. The number of magnetic poles can be 10, 14, 16, and the outer diameter is about 110-160mm. It is mainly used for the fan motor. If you are interested in this product, please contact the customer service website to make a quotation for you....

Sector rare earth neodymium magnet N45H

​This is a sector-shaped powerful magnet, made of sintered NdFeB, also known as arc, segmented, bending magnet, which is mainly used for DC motors. Our company is very professional with this type of motor magnet, and can be customized according to the shape, radian, performance level, coating, temperature resistance, etc. you need. Customers are welcome to inquire about the sample fees and factory prices....

Rare earth arc magnet with chamfered [ buy sales customized ]

Rare earth arc magnets, including neodymium arc magnets and samarium cobalt arc magnets, because neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt are both rare earth magnets. If you need our company to quote you the price, please send us an inquiry if you provide samples, our company is located in Dongguan, China , Focus on motor arc magnets, radial multi-pole ring magnets, have a price advantage....