As we all know, rare earth neodymium magnets have a wide range of uses, involving every industry you can think of. There are indeed too many advantages to find neodymium iron boron magnet manufacturers customized. At present, most countries' neodymium magnets come from China, so we recommend bulk purchase of strong neodymium magnets from China magnet manufacturers.

What are custom neodymium magnets? Why do you need customization?

Because different customers have different application scenarios for neodymium magnets, and have different dimensions, shapes, performance levels, temperature resistance, coating and so on, magnet manufacturers do not meet your requirements in many cases, which needs to be solved through customization.

What types of custom neodymium magnets?

There are mainly bonded neodymium magnets and sintered neodymium (Ndfeb) magnets, which can be round, circular, cylindrical, curved, shaped, with countersunk holes, rectangular, spherical and so on

China magnet manufacturers courage magnet neodymium magnet series

Neodymium magnet series products

What do you need to know about custom neodymium magnets?

To customize neodymium magnets, it is mainly necessary to determine the shape, size, performance grade, required tolerance range, working temperature (normal temperature can only withstand 80℃), and direction of magnetization. In addition, some customers have special requirements on the coating of magnets.

Custom neodymium magnet performance grade selection parameter table;

Custom neodymium magnet performance grade selection parameter table

Is custom neodymium magnet expensive?

For example, the customized sintered neodymium magnet does not need a mold. Whether it is ordinary or irregular, the price depends on the size of the magnet you need, the performance grade, the processing difficulty, and the purchase quantity. It will be cheaper to buy it from our Chinese magnet manufacturer than you buy it in some magnetic iron stores or local, except for a small quantity.

Circular disc neodymium magnet diameter size reference;

Circular disc neodymium magnet diameter size reference

What are the advantages of choosing the courage magnet manufacturer to customize neodymium magnet?

For 15 years, the magnet factory has rich experience in customization in the magnet industry, stable production and supply, stable magnetic properties of magnets, punctual delivery, and high product accuracy. Choosing us can reduce costs for customers, and can produce high-precision and difficult magnets that other magnet manufacturers cannot process, REACH and ROHS compliance.

If you have any additional questions about custom neodymium magnets, please contact us for your enquiry or email.

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