Advantages and applications of square block neodymium countersunk hole magnets

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Square((square and rectangle)) countersunk magnet, also known as square countersunk hole magnet, that is, to punch one or more countersunk hole on the square magnet, is a more common type of magnet, mostly NdFeb material, Of course, ferrite material can also be just NdFeb is relatively more used, after all, the magnetic gap is placed there.

What are the advantages of square countersunk magnets?

It can be fixed with screws where it wants to be fixed. This square magnet with countersunk holes is most commonly used in upholstery and hardware processing plants.

What are the applications of square block neodymium countersunk magnet?

If it is used in decoration, it is usually combined with some materials for construction. Some lock it in the interior of the commodity. It can not be seen in the appearance, but it has the function of magnetic absorption.

Courage neodymium magnet products

It can be used to hold iron objects, such as key strings or small scissors, or it can be used to hold photos, and it can be used quite a lot and widely, for example, in the home decoration often has the construction of wood or wood strips, as long as the processing and drilling of a square hole in the wood and wood strips, it can be locked inside, later you can use it to suck the want to suck paper photos or small tools, quite convenient.

The utilization rate in the hardware processing factory is also quite high. Many hardware devices or hardware products will want to increase the function of magnetic absorption. Some use NdFeb magnets

Strong magnetic force to attract the finished product, some want to add magnetic function to the product, no matter what it is used to do, it will be more attractive than the same type of product, many companies

Companies don't even think about its magnetic benefits. Many of our customers have started to buy strong magnets for their products through our website introduction, or

Their customers see our introduction requirements to add magnets on the goods, so you can often come to our shop! There will be some new NdFeb magnets added from time to time the application.

The square block countersunk magnet produced by our factory is plated with three layers of nickel if not specially specified by the customer. The appearance looks like silver and it is very textured, so even if it is exposed outside the goods, it looks like there won't be any sense of violation, but increased a little texture oh! 

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Why are block countersunk neodymium magnets so popular with customers?


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