Detailed introduction of magnet axial magnetization and radial magnetization

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Does the magnet have radial and axial magnetization? Yes, I only played magnets when I was young, but I didn't pay too much attention, so radial magnetization and axial magnetization were the first time I heard about it.

So how do you distinguish whether the magnet is axially magnetized or radially magnetized? Briefly speaking, radial magnetization is magnetization in the radial direction and axial magnetization in the vertical direction. The former is landscape orientation and the latter is vertical. In the case of a cylindrical magnetic material, the NS pole is axial in the circular cross section and the opposite is radial. For example, an axis, his outer circle direction is radial. The axial direction is the direction of the two ends (up and down) of the axis. After explained, you should understand it.

How to quickly distinguish the magnetization direction of magnet?

Without borrowing any tools, you can take a magnet and look at the two magnets how to be sucked to the first time. If it is first adsorbed on the peripheral side of the magnet, it is the radial direction, if not, it’s axial.

Just to be clear, i lists the adsorption diagrams of axial magnetization and radial magnetization.

The diagram below shows the radial magnetization, it’s side attract each other.

Neodymium magnet radial magnetization

The diagram below shows the axial magnetization, it’s top surface attract each other.

Magnet Axial Adsorption

In addition, you can resolve with the help of tools such as magnetic pole sight sheets or Gauss meters.

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More magnet magnetization methods: https://www.dgcourage.com/about/magnetisation-direction/


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