Injection molded magnet global major competing country and enterprises

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Plastic magnets, also known as injection molded magnets, are plastic magnets formed by injection molding. At present, the commonly used injection-molded magnetic products on the market include injection-molded ferrite, injection-molded iron-iron-boron, etc., mainly injection-molded ferrite magnets, injection-molded NdFeB magnets. There are relatively few customers using magnets.

What are the main competitive countries and companies of Plastic Magnetics?

Plastic magnet production enterprises are mainly distributed in Japan and China. China mainly includes Hangzhou Qianshi, Changzhou Zhongtian, Suzhou Bellman, Nanjing Colette, etc. Japan mainly includes Toda, MATE and so on.

Injection ferrite rotor magnets

Our company (Courage Magnet) focuses on motor magnets, such as motor arc magnets, injection molded ferrite magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, multi-pole ring magnets, and the plastic magnetic products supplied are mainly used in flow meters, encoders Machines, motors, sweeping robots, sensors, Hall induction devices, etc., please contact us for prices and samples.

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Arc Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets with Grooves

Arc samarium cobalt magnets are mainly used in electric motors, generators, sensors, medical equipment, aerospace, computer hard disks, automobiles, electronic equipment and other fields. They can be used to manufacture electromagnetic devices of various shapes and sizes, such as motors, generators, solenoid valves, electromagnets, sensors, etc....

Curved rare earth neodymium magnet with countersunk hole

The price of the perforated countersunk arc magnet is evaluated according to your specifications, material, performance grade, coating, quantity, etc. Welcome to send us your arc magnet drawings....

12x5mm magnet with countersunk hole 4mm for crafts

The material is rare earth neodymium magnetic material, N35 grade, standard ±0.05mm tolerance, welcome customers from Turkey, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Germany and other customers to inquire about the price....

N52 grade ultra thin block neodymium strong magnet 10x5x0 5mm

This sample is provided by our company for an American customer. If you are interested in similar ultra-thin magnets, you can contact our company for quotation, processing, shape and size can be customized. We have a price advantage for this high-performance thin magnet....

Cylindrical neodymium magnet with concave point for sensor

This product is a cylindrical neodymium magnet with pits and nickel coating on the surface. It is mainly used for sensors and adsorption. The material grades can be N52M, N50H, N48SH, N45UH, N42, N40 and below, and the operating temperature range is -40- 220℃, the default magnetization delivery, welcome to consult and customize the size of the magnet!...

1 inch diameter neodymium magnets disc [price selling wholesale]

Bulk purchase and wholesale of 1-inch diameter neodymium strong magnets. Welcome to contact Dongguan Courage Magnet Factory (China). Our company can provide you with high-quality, high-performance, and cost-effective 1-inch diameter neodymium magnets in circular/circular/countersunk hole shape, cylindrical shape....

Fascia Gun Ring Bonding Material Magnet 10 Poles [ price supplier ]

Common specifications of multi-pole ring magnet for fascia gun;​D46*d41.4*10-15mm、D52.5*47*13mm、D36*32*15mm, If you need a sample or know the price, please consult the Courage Motor Magnet manufacturer....

Height 50mm ferrite radial rotor magnet ring 2 pole for sales

This product is sintered ferrite radial rotor magnet, 2-pole magnetization, magnet specification outer diameter 25mm, magnet height 50mm, and plastic parts injection molding together, mainly used for various pump motors, such as sewage pump, submersible pump, aquarium pump, etc. Of course, we can only provide magnets,...