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  • Square countersunk magnet

N45 Square strong mounting magnet with 2 screw holes

This sample is a square magnet with 2 countersunk holes (screw holes), the material is the strongest NdFeB, N45 grade, magnetized in the thickness direction, it is a customized magnet, it can be installed with screws where it is needed, strong mounting magnet except square, you can also choose rectangle, bar, circle, size, performance grade you can choose...

N40 grade square neodymium magnet with 2 countersunk holes

This product is a customized square neodymium magnet with 2 countersunk holes. It is special. Generally, more than one hole is punched. The magnet grade is N40. The surface coating is nickel copper nickel. It is magnetized in the thickness direction. This type of magnet is very suitable for fixing Use, industrial use, personal projects can be....