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Small neodymium magnets

Small ring magnets neodymium material 8 x 4 x 2 mm

Introduction of small size ring neodymium magnet; Product name: Nickel-plated strong neodymium small ring magnet,Performance level: N35 (can be customized for higher performance),Product size: 8mm diameter, 2mm thickness, 4mm middle hole...

N52 Small rectangular neodymium magnets L4.2 x 3 x 2mm

This product is a small rectangular magnet, also called a small magnet, the material is NdFeB, the size is 4.2mm in length, 3mm in width, 2mm in thickness, grades can be N35-N52, surface zinc coating, magnetization in thickness direction, normal Tolerance, suitable for handicrafts, toys, whiteboards, medical equipment, electronic products, etc.,...