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Custom shape magnets

Custom shape rectangular block strong magnets with through hole

It is a custom shaped and powerful neodymium magnet. Rectangular block shape, magnetized in the direction of length. According to customer requirements, a round through hole is machined in the middle of the end face of the magnet....

Custom shape round step convex strong magnet N52 OD 7 x 9.5mm

The following figure shows the circular step convex neodymium magnet, large diameter 7mm, total height 9.5mm, suitable for connectors, electronics, car charging, etc....

Custom Shape Notched Neodymium Ring Magnets

​This is a custom-shaped special-shaped irregular magnet. There are gaps (openings) on the ring magnet. The size, magnetization direction, coating, etc. can be made according to customer requirements. We are professional and look forward to your consultation....